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Our Services

  • Ship Crew Recruitment & Management
  • Shipping Agency Business
  • Ship Chandling
  • Ship Repairs
  • Shipping Logistic Operations
  • Ocean Resources Management
  • Waste Management
  • Import and Export activities

Ship crew recruitment and management:

Sri Lankan seafarers are world renown for efficient and trouble free operations and is in demand due to the capabilities, intelligence and positive attitude towards task and teams.

We ensure that all certificates held by our seafarers are genuine and are currently valid for a further 12 months.

Also for vessels visiting Ports in Europe, America, Canada and Japan, we can request the seafarers to place a bank guarantee against desertion.

Why Seamate Lanka:

  • Ability to select the candidates from Lanka Academy data base
  • Ability to provide timely updated trainings with genuine certification which is approved by Sri Lankan Shipping ministry.
  • Fresh talent with up to date knowledge of the industry can be selected.
  • Handles all the documentation and visa procedures behalf of the recruiting company.
  • Well aware and updated industry requirement for the seafarers is provided. 


Customer companies:











Consultation services

  • To carry out the business of a shipping agency, ship suppliers, dry docking and repairs to ship, painting of ship’s hull and other allied work.
  • To undertake recruitment and training of crew.
  • To carry out logistics for ships
  • To undertake and handle disposal of ship and industrial waste by recycling and treatment.
  • To carryout business of import and export.

ISO implementation and auditing

We facilitate services for ISO implementation and auditing requirement for clients specialized in education field.


     Have facilitated service for National Institute of Fisheries and Nautical Engineering (NIFNE)
     currently is functioning as Ocean University, which had 4 branches in Sri Lanka.



Ship repairs

Ship repairs in Sri Lanka and under water services done by various engineering companies is coordinated in work and any port in Sri Lanka.

All engineering companies possess well trained, skilled and competent ship repair experts who are committed in facilitating international standard service.


Dry Docking:

We undertake arranging dry docking and necessary repairs under the guidance of experiences chief engineers.



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